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VV Show #9 – Jeremy Hague of Skylook

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While some people still wonder if the fax machine has been rendered obsolete, Jeremy Hague is ready to write e-mail’s obituary. Jeremy’s brand new company, Netralia, recently released a product to rave reviews called Skylook. Many people use Microsoft Outlook to manage their contacts and send e-mail. Skype is used by 47 million people to make phone calls over the Internet. Jeremy’s Skylook program allows users to integrate Outlook with Skype so they can quickly place calls to contacts, merge contact lists and optionally record phone calls. Based in Australia, Jeremy uses his own program do business around the world.

Show notes:

1:25 Career start

  • In Melbourne, Australia.
  • Started Netralia.
  • Business partner is Paul Andrews.
  • Works with Outlook and Skype all the time.

4:00 Description of Skylook

  • ‘So many people will tell you their Skype name before their e-mail address.’
  • ‘It’s always cool for people to hear my accent and for me to hear other people’s accents over Skype.’

8:10 Call recording

  • ‘We didn’t really set out to make the best recording program, it just worked out that way.’

9:45 Integrating two pieces of software from different manufactures

  • ‘Were working with the model at the moment of a fortnightly update.’

12:45 User feedback

  • ‘One of the amazing things is watching what people have been saying on blogs.’
  • Check Technorati to monitor what people are writing about Skylook.
  • ‘E-mail is becoming a bit dated.’

14:45 Phone calls are back among techies

  • ‘One thing I realized’ if I can see that someone’s there and that they’re online, and that I know they’re at their machine, it will actually plant the idea in my head of calling them.’
  • ‘We sort of see e-mail turning into instant messaging.’

18:10 Business plan

  • ‘Being in a corporate job for four years, you almost become a slave.’

19:50 Revenue

  • $29.95 per license with a 14 day trial.
  • ‘We’re in that stage at the moment of just making sure that it’s working for everyone and rocking their world.’

24:55 Managing time

26:05 Skype building in functionality

26:45 Young entrepreneur

  • Age 26.
  • ‘I was chatting with my old man about this, and he said ‘you can spend your whole life wondering or you can go and have a go’ and I think that’s a very Australian thing, just going and having a go.’

29:15 Australian entrepreneurial culture.

33:20 Remote collaboration via Skype

  • ‘Usually a couple of times throughout the week we’ll [Paul and I] meet up for a coffee. I drink a lot of coffee by the way.’

35:20 Try Skylook

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