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VV Show #14 – VideoEgg Preparing for DEMO Conference

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New businesses usually start small and work slowly and steadily to build their reputation. But that’s not true of startups that choose to launch their product at DEMO, the most prestigious conference dedicated to launching new technologies. Presenters have to agree to be radio silent about the cool technology they’ve been working on night and day for the past several months, if not years, of their lives. Then they have six minutes on stage to show it off to everyone, and a couple of days at a beach resort in Huntington Beach to network like crazy and deploy their freshly printed business cards. VideoEgg, a new company founded by three Yale graduates from the class of ’04, chose to hatch itself at DEMO after months of quiet incubation. In today’s show, we’re chronicling what it’s like to present at DEMO by telling the story of VideoEgg. We’ll interview VideoEgg’s founding team, DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley and DEMO groupie David Hornik of August Capital. We’ll post a show after the conference with VideoEgg’s presentation and the crowd’s reaction.

Show notes:

1:55 Talking with Chris Shipley

2:20 Most famous DEMO presenters

3:50 Who attends DEMO

  • 25% investors
  • 50% business development people
  • Rest of the attendees from media, etc.

5:00 DEMO stats

  • Expects 500 people to attend.
  • It costs $16,500 to present at DEMO.

6:25 Worst DEMO presentation

  • ‘There are some really great technologists and really great CEOs who are really terrible actors.’

7:30 Format of the show

8:30 VideoEgg

  • Based in New Haven, CT.

11:30 Talk with VideoEgg’s founding team: CEO Matt Sanchez, director of business development Kevin Slavek and director of product and technology David Lerman

13:00 What is VideoEgg?

  • ‘Video should be as easy to put up as photos, and it’s not.’

16:00 Deciding to become entrepreneurs

19:05 Raising funding for VideoEgg

  • ‘We really didn’t use PowerPoint.’
  • Got first seed funds from CVT Ventures.
  • ‘It’s easier to find them than you think.’
  • Met with Howard Morgan and he backed the company.

23:50 Sleep

  • ‘We have interns that sleep for us.’

24:00 Deciding to go to DEMO

26:40 Most important person to meet at DEMO

30:00 Naming VideoEgg

32:40 The fate of VideoEgg

35:00 Thoughts before DEMO

35:35 Conference call with Kevin and Matt before leaving for DEMO

  • VideoEgg contracted Renee Blodgett to do PR.
  • VideoEgg partnered with iUpload to make the an interactive booth at DEMO.
  • Giving out iPod nanos for best blog entries.

42:00 Kevin and Matt’s reactions on a Venture Voice interview with David Hornik of August Capital and Venture Blog

46:30 Last thoughts before DEMO

  • ‘DEMO is a watershed moment.’

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