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VV Show #15 – Launching Companies at DEMO Conference

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You might expect that if you launched your pride and joy — your startup company — at a conference, it would automatically be the center of attention. At DEMO, the leading technology product launch conference, you’re hatching your business alongside 64 other companies with cool new technologies. You’ve got to deliver an awe-inspiring six-minute presentation, schmooze for many hours on end at a packed product pavilion, and be charming during the cocktail hours to make your mark. We continue our coverage of the DEMO conference by following VideoEgg’s experience while grabbing audio clips from all over. Hear from Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg, August Capital partner David Hornik, Six Apart co-founder and president Mena Trott, U3 CEO and founding team member of Palm Kate Purmal, Jingle Network senior vice president Tom Latinovich and DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley.

Show notes:

3:45 VideoEgg co-founder and director of product and technology David Lerman

  • VideoEgg is powering the video blog for DEMO.
  • ‘Woke up with a bit of a hangover, I won’t lie.’
  • ‘Really, when the doors open and press started coming in, we just had no idea if it was going to work or not. Phenomenally, it’s all worked.’

6:00 PR person

  • ‘My client, poor guy, is sweating buckets right now.’

6:30 David Hornik of August CapitalVentureBlog and VentureCast

  • ‘I think for sure [VideoEgg] will get funded.’
  • ‘If people aren’t showing up at your booth you need to be proactive.’

8:50 Tom Latinovich of Jingle Networks, Inc.

  • ‘The bar is certainly the most fun.’
  • ‘The best value is not up on stage.’

10:20 Kate Purmal, CEO of U3

  • ‘We’ve been giving away U3 smart drives to everybody here, so we’ve been mobbed.’

12:40 Walt Mossberg, the author and creator of the Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal

  • ‘I’ve been coming to DEMO for probably 12 or 13 years.’
  • ‘I have always taken pains to try to find stuff from new companies.’
  • ‘Don’t even try to show me PowerPoint.’

15:30 The beach

  • David Hornik: ‘I wake up in the morning, look out at the ocean, say ‘Wow, look, there’s the ocean’ — then I go into the conference room.’

16:55 Mena Trott, the president and co-founder of Six Apart

  • ‘Why do we think our moms are so stupid?’

18:40 VideoEgg co-founders CEO Matt Sanchez and director of business development Kevin Slavek

  • ‘There’s always pressure.’

19:10 VideoEgg demo at DEMO

25:50 Debrief with Kevin and Matt

  • ‘It was a total blur.’
  • ‘We’ve heard it went very well.’

26:35 Unrecorded DEMO moments

28:00 Venture Voice’s Greg Galant is speaking at an iBreakfast event

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