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VV Show #25 – Jason Fried and Joel Spolsky Win Venture Voice Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards

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The listeners have spoken. Jason Fried of 37signals and Joel Spolsky of Fog Creek Software have won Venture Voice Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards. They came in second and third place out of a pack of over 20 world-class entrepreneurs we’ve interviewed on the show (we’ll announce the Venture Voice Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner next week). It was a close race and you gave us some really impassioned votes. In this show, Jason and Joel give us some hints about what their companies are launching this year. They don’t get to have all the fun — we play some of your comments too.

:40 Announcement of winners

1:05 Enthusiastic vote

1:55 Indecisive vote

2:50 Votes for Joel Spolsky of Fog Creek Software

  • “See ya!”

4:30 Interview with Joel

  • “And I did that without any venture!”
  • Talks about CoPilot.
  • “I’ll give away one [idea] in case you have any listeners that have a big pile of venture capital and don’t know what to spend it on.”

13:15 Votes for Jason Fried of 37signals

  • “They’re not afraid to tell the world what they’re about.”

14:40 Interview with Jason

  • “In ’05 we’ve launched 75% of our products.”
  • “It’s a good 50/50, current products and new product development.”
  • “Campfire is a group chat app.”
  • “This is business chat, not dating chat.”
  • “Sunrise is a CRMish app for small businesses.”
  • “Sunrise is about managing people.”
  • “Compass is basically another app that integrates all of our apps.”
  • “We want to take this to the masses.”

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