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VV Show #26 – Kelly Perdew is the Venture Voice 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year

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Kelly Perdew may have won The Apprentice 2, but the listeners of Venture Voice have given him a new recognition for his entrepreneurial work since then. Kelly got the most votes for the Venture Voice 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Since we last had Kelly on the show, he’s started a number of new ventures. He announces on the show that he’s launching a new venture capital shop called Angel-Led Venture Partners. We also play your audio votes and get Kelly’s reaction.

3:00 Announcement

  • “That was quite stiff competition.”

3:30 Listener vote: Entrepreneurial while working for Trump

4:15 Launching Trump Direct Media

5:35 Listener vote: Achievements since winning The Apprentice

6:25 Kelly’s new book is Take Command

9:20 Listener vote: Kelly cares about the nation’s youth

10:15 Helping the youth

13:00 Downside of being on The Apprentice?

14:15 Launching Angel-Led Venture Partners

17:45 Working with angels

19:50 Juggling many ventures

21:45 Next three months

  • Finalizing filming for the new GI Factory TV show on the Military Channel.

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