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Skippin’ the Ladder

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The Wall Street Journal just ran an article by Emily Meehan titled Young Entrepreneurs Aim To Skip Corporate Ladder. It cites a woman who launched a business venture about ten years ago that didn’t succeed.

Ms. Baker was so absorbed in building her business that she lost track of many friends. “It was a very lonely time because nobody my age was really going through that.”

While Jenny Baker’s experience sounds quite painful overall, that feeling of loneliness seems to stick out in her mind. Rightfully so. Even as more young people start businesses, they’ll still be overshadowed by the army of recent grads going into corporate training programs and law school.

I wonder if it would be just slightly different today, now that so many young entrepreneurs from all over the world are blogging, social networking on-line and appearing on podcasts. Perhaps we’re forming a virtual Club of Terror.

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