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BusinessWeek ran an article asking if we’re in a bubble, again. It starts by citing Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake’s post It’s a bad time to start a company, which we weren’t alone in writing about. The articles quotes some Venture Voice alumni who weigh in.

Venture capitalist David Hornik, who’ll be speaking at the Venture Voice Startup Workshop said in the section titled “See No Evil” (David must have loved that):

“There are lots of people saying: ‘Gee, we’re busy trying to build real businesses here, and people are wasting our time talking about whether this is a bubble,”

Joe Kraus, the founder of JotSpot and Excite, was quoted too on a more pessimistic note:

But the rising prices of Net startups are fueling a surge of me-too companies in hot areas such as social networking. With little investment required, these products are easily imitated. “We’re in a company-creation bubble,” says Joe Kraus, co-founder of Web publisher JotSpot Inc. “A lot of these companies will die.”

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