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For some reason we just can’t help covering the blog search wars. Our first run in with the fledgeling industry was our interview with Scott Rafer, the then-CEO of the then-rocking Feedster. A couple months after that he left the company along with one of its co-founders, Scott Johnson. We interviewed Scott J. about his new company Ookles, but also got to hear his analysis of what happened in his battle for blog search domination: “Dave’s wicked smart.” Referring to Dave Sifry, the CEO of Technorati, who we just interviewed. Keep in mind Dave’s also faced competition already from Google Blog Search and Mark Cuban‘s IceRocket.

Competition never seems to deter entrepreneurs from hot markets. TechCrunch just reported that a much buzzed about contender has entered the ring of blog search called Sphere. And GigaOM reports they’ve got a war chest of venture capital money to boot.

In an endearing startup PR blunder, Sphere sent us an e-mail after the other coverage instructing us “We’d appreciate you helping us get the word out if you like what we’ve built. Please feel free to blog about the site any time after 7:00 am Tuesday (May 2nd).” We’re all for respecting press embargoes, but it’s hard not to blog about a site that’s already been made public and has been covered elsewhere. And don’t forget to the specify timezone — the whole world isn’t on the West Coast. Actually I shouldn’t be complaining about that because if all media outlets are governed by their local timezones for embargoes, then us East Coasters have the upper-hand in breaking news. But that’s all besides the point.

This should be an interesting market to watch play out. It’s exciting to see blog search is still the battle ground of entrepreneurs and hasn’t been dominated by the big search companies as many had predicted. They had all better watch out, though, for the Best New Media Idea Ever.

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