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Green can mean a lot of things to an entrepreneur. You can have a “green thumb” which means any business you’re involved in will grow and make money. You can be “be green” as in inexperienced. To a new crop of entrepreneurs, however, being green means creating a business that benefits the environment.

But a business is a business, so green entrepreneurs must have the same bottom line orientation as any other businessman. They should all take notice to a recent study that AdRants points to finding that most people don’t care if a product is marketed as being green.

Past Venture Voice guest and Venture Voice Startup Workshop speaker Tom Szaky may just have figured it out. He used green tactics (reusing, composting, etc.) to make his plant food cheaper than Miracle-Gro, which in essence gives him a disruptive business model allowing him to appeal to the wallet, the conscience, and even the media. He just snagged the July cover of Inc Magazine (not printed on recycled paper).

Perhaps, for entrepreneurs, green should stand for the environment and for money.

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