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VV Show #36 – Venture Voice Startup Workshop Coverage (part 1)

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If there are best practices in entrepreneurship, you’ll hear the secrets to them in this coverage of the first half of the recent Venture Voice Startup Workshop in New York City. If there are in fact no best practices for entrepreneurs, then you’ll at least enjoy the heated discussion about how entrepreneurs should navigate the startup seas. These passionate speakers fielded a day’s worth of questions and opinions from Venture Voice, each other and the spirited audience. The results are distilled ideas about what it takes to win in business, great war stories and even a few laughs.

3:00 Topic: Partnerships

  • Jeanne Sullivan: “I’ve had an e-mail address since 1980.”
  • David Hornik: “I hate my partners.”
  • JS: “I believe the CEO is the most important person on the team.”
  • Dick Costolo: “A lot of people refer to these ‘Barney partnerships’, where you just agree to like each other, write each other down as partners, and hug.”
  • Scott Heiferman: “One general rule is to not have rules.”
  • SH: “Don’t necessarily listen to panels like this if they give you a general rule.”
  • DH: “Never do deals that your venture capitalists tell you to do.”
  • DC: “Google could build a space station if they wanted to. Of course they could build FeedBurner.”

20:20 Topic: Getting and keeping customers and users

  • SH: “If there’s one message to get across to help you focus your thinking and what it is you’re doing, it is the basic understanding that people are confused.”
  • SH: “People are not waking up in the morning and saying ‘I want to generate content today.’”

29:45 Topic: Building a team

  • DC: “You can’t have a big circle at the top with three randomly floating folks unless you’re Google.”
  • DC: “Sell the hardship… If you’re working for a startup: Sucky hours, low pay, with potentially no benefit.”
  • DC: “You pay ten times over for bad hires.”
  • JS: “I’ve become really good at firing.”
  • DC: “Having the open space is great for team building.”

Hear from the rest of the speakers in part 2 of this series, coming soon.

View photos from the event.

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