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The VCAT (Venture Capital Aptitude Test)

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Would be law students have their LSAT, medical schoolers have their MCAT, and MBAs have their GMAT. Why should aspiring venture capitalists be left out of the fun of proving their self worth in a quick test?

Past Venture Voice guest Guy Kawasaki announced in his blog today that he’s developed the VCAT (Venture Capital Aptitude Test).

Anyone who’s just dropped $100k and two years of their life on an MBA will be loathe to learn that their degree will cost them 5 points. And just when you thought you’d seen your last aptitude test!

On the other hand, Guy might be viewing freshly minted VC analysts with a glass-half-empty mentality. The wise anonymous blogger at Going Private points out that the VC gigs might save the world of more management consultants. She writes “For the small gift of just $175,000 per year and a reasonable carry, you can save an MBA from the horror of Booz Allen. That’s less than $480.00 per day.” Do your part today at Dan Primack’s 4th Annual Internship Drive.

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