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VV Show #44 – Venture Voice Startup Workshop Coverage (part 2)

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Marketing a startup is tricky business. Every entrepreneur faces the dilemma between allocating time to improving the product and marketing the product. If the two can be mixed just right, then perhaps sterile marketing can go viral. We tackle that issue in part 2 of 3 of our very own Venture Voice Startup Workshop coverage in New York City. David Hornik of August Capital leads the session, but he doesn’t finish uninterrupted as the entrepreneurs on the panel jump in.

In this episode:
David Hornik of August Capital
Tom Szaky of TerraCycle
Dick Costolo of FeedBurner

4:30 Marketing, sales and PR

  • According to Wikipedia, “Marketing is ‘human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes.’ I’m fairly certain that’s prostitution.”
  • “All this stuff is about sales, PR and marketing, if you could avoid it altogether and just get the sales that would be great.”

12:30 Viral marketing

  • “If marketing cost money, then viral marketing is free.”
  • A virus “can’t be lethal because if you spread the virus and it kills you, you can’t spread it anymore. That’s just bad news… It has to be really fun. This is why venereal diseases are awesome.”
  • “A venereal disease in a really attractive stewardess is a lot more valuable than a venereal disease in, say, me.”
  • “Measure things.”

25:15 Best practice

  • “The best bang for the buck is having a great product that’s highly viral and highly measurable, but if all else fails you can always sell crack.”

25:30 Q&A

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