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Entrepreneurship in South Africa

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We just received this e-mail from Sydney Mfuniselwa who gave us permission to post it:

My name is Sydney from South Africa, I am really moved by the interviews on show. I wish we had something like this here in South Africa because I think my country needs stuff like Venture Voice as it still developing.

My point is I am 25 young black man as software developer, trying to go on entrepreneurship but its hard in this part of the world because most of the people cannot even use a computers and I already made my mistake by planning and planning for a long time in developing a database for the company I work for which i did developed and presented to my senior manager but just heard the company has already sign up for a new system to be implemented because of this I felt so down for a while up until i manage to put my hands on one of venture voice interviews. Two things I have highlighted from the entrepreneurs you interviewed are:
1. Do not waste time trying to plan a perfect product execution is the key.
2. And do not let million rejections wear you off.

Now I am trying again because i believe I should be an entrepreneur and i just open internet cafe on one of historical known building in Carlton in the Johannesburg CBD.

I truly appreciate Venture Voice.

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